M.S. Applied Anthropology Graduates

Florice Pearce (2014) — A Study of the Plentiful Ivy Site (23WR2124) and Other Selected Upland Sites in Southern Missouri

Ed Keohane (2014) — Getting Out and Staying Out: A Study of Recidivism and Ex-offender Employability in Springfield, Missouri

Dan McMurray (2014) — Researching World War II Soldiers by Applying Anthropological Methods

Miles Pearson (2014) — Manjako Literacy and Issues in Language of Instruction

Melanie Bay (2014) — Households in the Hills: An Ethnographic Study of Economic Practices in the Missouri Ozarks

Sarah O'Donnell (2014) — Testing the Hypothesis of Ozarks Marginality: A Study of Late Woodland Ceramics for the Northern Ozarks Highlands of Missouri

Clarissa Martin (2014) — An Ethnographic Study of the Cultural Context of Domestic Violence

Elise Hargis (2014) — Site Formation: The Effects of Fluvial Transportation on Debitage Analysis

Melissa Sowers (2013) — An Ethnographic Study of Human Trafficking in Springfield: A Real or Perceived Problem?

Nicholas Scolaro (2013) — Ports of Trade and Markets Along Bluefields Bay, Jamaica

John Fox (2012) — Osage Glass Bead Use: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Evidence of Change and Continuity Through the Early Post Contact Era

Marlene Fiesthamel (2012) — Forensic Age Determination by Digital Radiographic Measurement

David Cain (2012) — Sticks with Stones: Controlled Experimentation in the Use of the Weighted Atlatl

Hayley Norton (2012) — Life in a Group Home for Women with Developmental Disabilities: An Ethnographic Study in Greene County, Missouri

Daniel Salas (2012) — Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of the Historic Cemeteries at the Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site

Craig Picka (2012) — Heat Treatment of Ozark Cherts: An Archaeological Experiment in the Effects of Heat Treatment on Toolstone Flaking Properties

Abraham Ledezma (2012) — Resistivity Survey to Identify Archaeological Features at the Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site

Jason Shepard (2011) — Health and Culture in the Marshallese Diaspora

Lester Lakey (2011) — Are the Old Ways New Again? Local Farmers Practicing Civic Agriculture in Southwest Missouri

Megan Scales (2010) — The Contemporary Critique of Ethnographic Exhibits: A Case Study at Discovery Center Springfield