Program Requirements

Program requirements (minimum of 18 hours)

1. Core Requirements (12 hours)

  • ANT 645 Cultural Resource Management (3 hours)
  • ANT 650 Advanced Methods in Archaeology (3 hours)
  • ANT 701 Graduate Colloquium in Applied Anthropology (3 hours)
  • ANT 790 Internship in Applied Anthropology (3 hours)

2. Electives (6 hours)

Two additional courses at the 600 level or higher, as approved by advisor. (ANT 650 may be repeated for 3 hours (total of 6 hours) if topic varies). Up to three (3) hours of relevant graduate level electives in another department may be substituted for an elective offered by the department with advisor approval.

3. Internship (ANT 790)

Every student will complete an internship of at least 200 hours with an approved organization. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange this internship, in consultation with her/ his advisor. Completion of the internship requires submission of a detailed report or portfolio and an oral presentation to the faculty advisor.