Careers and Outcomes

Careers and Outcomes

Developing your skills for a global workplace

Anthropology is the study of humanity in the broadest sense — all the peoples of the world at all times and places, which is increasingly important for everyone as a global society takes shape. Anthropologists also focus on human diversity, which is a very significant feature of our increasingly multicultural workplaces and society.

An undergraduate degree in anthropology will prepare you for life in the 21st century. It will help you understand the world we live in today and how we got here. It will also prepare you for careers that require an understanding of natural and social science; global affairs; and ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity.

Career opportunities for archaeology and cultural anthropology students

Archaeology students typically seek out career opportunities in cultural resource management, working for state and federal government agencies, or as private archaeological contractors. Cultural anthropology students can start a career in community service through AmeriCorps or a career in international development through the Peace Corps.

Where are our graduates?

Our graduates have found themselves in many lines of work, including:

After-school supervisor

Air Force archaeologist

Air Force linguist

Anthropology professor

Archaeological technician



Big Brothers Big Sisters

Border Patrol agent

Campus ministry

Career counselor

Community development consultant

Elementary teacher

Executive assistant for an Indian center

FBI agent

GIS coordinator

Hospital lab technician

Human rights lawyer

International development

Language preservation officer for an Indian nation


Linguistics teacher

Mental health counselor


National Park ranger

Navy linguist

Navy pilot


Residence hall director

Social worker

State archaeologist

Education abroad advisor

Student affairs at a college or university

Teaching English as a second language in Korea and Japan

Web developer

Career Center

To help you prepare and search for jobs, the Missouri State Career Center provides a database of current openings, tips for preparing your resume and on-campus interview opportunities. The Career Center also compiles information about what you can do with an anthropology degree.