Faculty and Staff

Committed to excellence in teaching, research and advising

To provide you with a quality, comprehensive education, our faculty is comprised of experts in all four fields of anthropology. Also, three research anthropologists work for the Bernice Warren Center for Archaeological Research.

Our faculty members have expertise in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Asia and with Hispanic and Native American communities in the U.S. We are engaged in teaching and research on topics such as community development, cultural resource management, ethnography, ethnohistory, immigration, ethnomusicology, forensic anthropology, tourism, gender, health care, primatology and religion.

Anthropology faculty

Dr. Erin J. Kenny

Research and professional interests: Household economics, gender, kinship; diaspora and immigration; intergenerational obligations; women's entrepreneurship; women in higher education; Africa.

Dr. William C. Meadows

Research and professional interests: Indian code talkers; Plains Indian military societies; Plains Indian ethnohistory; Kiowa orthography; Indiana archaeology; Christmas in Japan

Jason A. Shepard

Research and professional interests: Migrant populations and public health; Latin America with a focus on contemporary Mayan groups; the Marshallese and Human ecology

Dr. Elizabeth A. Sobel

Research and professional interests: Archaeology and ethnohistory of North America with a focus on the Pacific Northwest and Ozarks regions; native peoples of North America; historical archaeology of Native Americans and African Americans.

Dr. Suzanne E. Walker-Pacheco

Research and professional interests: Primate behavior and ecology; medical anthropology; health issues of Latino immigrants; forensic anthropology

Dr. Marnie K. Watson

Research and professional interests: Homelessness; Expressive culture; Modernity; Behavioral health; Migration and immigration; Refugee health; Brazil and the urban Amazon.

Dr. F. Scott Worman

Research and professional interests: Environmental archaeology; geoarchaeology; archaeological method and theory; cultural resource management; public archaeology; Islamic Iberia; U.S. Southwest; Jamaica.