Student Anthropology Conference

The Student Anthropology Conference has been discontinued.

Each year, the anthropology program at Missouri State University hosts a Student Anthropology Conference, which features the work of undergraduate and graduate students. The 2017 conference will be held on the afternoons of Thursday April 27 and Friday April 28.

STAC 2013 panel

Students — both graduate and undergraduate — will present papers on original research in anthropology.  Participants will be organized into panels according to theme; presentations will be 15 minutes each, and each panel will include additional time for discussion.

Program schedule

Thursday, April 27

2:00-3:15 p.m.

Conservation Matters, STRO 300
Chair: Caleb Bunselmeyer

  • Kara Venzian, Green Greeks and a Grassroots Movement: Sustainability in Missouri State University's Greek Week
  • Emily Coe, What's in Your Food?
  • Shelby Butrum, Species Affected by Palm Oil
  • Tenna Thomason, A Boycott to Better our Community

3:30-4:45 p.m.

Questions of Orality, STRO 300
Chair: Kaitlin Karney

  • Asheton S. Mayfield, To Mark or Not to Mark? The Japanese Question
  • Matt Flint, The Art of Manipulation: Verbal and Physical Improvising in a Literate Society
  • Celine Bennett, There's Always an Exception to the Rules: Is English Language Reform Feasible?
  • Kara Venzian, Spooky, Scary Social Tools: An Analysis of a Local Urban Legend

5:00-6:30 p.m.

Community in the Making, STRO 200
Chair: Lisa Erhart

  • Shelby Butrum, Clyde: The Barnard Bigfoot
  • Danielle Albritton, Felicia Baltzell, and  Kourtney Workman, Welcome Home? Assessing Local Refugee Resettlement, Part I
  • Danielle Albritton, Felicia Baltzell, and  Kourtney Workman, Welcome Home? Assessing Local Refugee Resettlement, Part II
  • Caitlyn Eberle, Cultivating Community: Ethnographic Insight into Springfield Community Gardens
  • Shaye Wright, Grandmas: Children's Heroes

Friday, April 28

2:30-3:45 p.m.

The Power of Policy, STRO 200
Chair: Nike Gulley

  • Hollie Wright, Charting Constellations of Power: Texas Public Education Policy
  • Caleb Bunselmeyer, Make Your Deforestation Statement: Making Missouri State Palm Oil Free
  • Matt Flint, Palm Problems and People Power:  Providing Resources to Change the Palm Oil Industry
  • Glenna Dement, Established Precedents within Local Nurseries for the Selling of Invasive Species: Indirect Impacts of Individuals on Native Flora and Fauna in Southwest Missouri

4:00-5:15 p.m.

Effects of Literacy, STRO 300
Chair: Caitlyn Eberle

  • Katelyn Hageman, Smile or :) ... What Do You Mean?
  • Sydney Gochenauer, Remembering the Rhyme: Oral Traditions in a Literate Society
  • Matthew Nowak, “It’s Only a Matter of Time”: A Look at Literacy and Time Expression 
  • Drew Geer, Your TRUMP Card: An Analysis of Argumentation Style Post Donald Trump 

5:30-6:45 p.m.

Change in Perspective, STRO 200
Chair: Tyler Cunningham

  • Caleb Lynn, Exaggerations in the Ozarks: The 1859 insurrection of enslaved peoples in Polk County, Mo.
  • Katelyn Hageman, Camp Crowder: A Forgotten Entity of the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Shaye Wright and Emily Williamson, The Case of Another Dying Language
  • Tami Franklin, I Pour Second Chances

6:45 p.m.



If you have questions about the conference, contact Dr. Margaret Buckner.