Building your program of study

The anthropology program at Missouri State commits to providing you with excellent advising support as you pursue your goals. Our advisors are also your professors, so they have a clear understanding of the program requirements and careers in the field.

For information on course rotation and delivery format for the next three years, view the Future Anthropology Course Offerings page. This schedule is for planning and informational purposes only, and it is updated regularly. Please consult with your advisor as you plan courses.

Undergraduate advising

When you declare your major as anthropology, you will meet with the program coordinator to be assigned an advisor based on your interests. Once you have been assigned an advisor, you can contact your advisor directly to schedule appointments for advising.

If you have completed fewer than 60 hours, you are required to speak with and receive your advisor’s release to register for classes. It is recommended that you meet with your advisor once a semester to ensure that you are on track for graduation.

For information regarding degree options and minor recommendations, view the Program Requirements page for the anthropology undergraduate program.

Graduate advising

Graduate students are assigned initial advisors upon admission. As your interests become clearer, you may choose a different advisor with expertise in your area of interest.

You must receive your advisor’s release prior to registering for classes each semester. Also, you must submit an Advisor Approved Program of Study to the Graduate College before you complete 14 hours.